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STTAR National Students Olympiad Launch 2024

STTAR National Students Olympiad Launch 2024

The launch of the first-of-its-kind STTAR National Students Olympiad 2024 for the students of grades VI- VIII, was a triumphant occasion, graced by notable figures like Ms. Sushma Raturi – Secretary, STTAR and Head of Teaching and Learning at Jaipuria Group of Educational Institutions, Ms. Khushboo Pandey, – PR Head, Jaipuria Group of Educational Institutions and STTAR, Mr. Darpan Tejasvi, Senior Manager – Business Development at STTAR, and Mr. Hans Singh Rajput, Manager – Branding, Jaipuria Group of Educational Institutions and STTAR.

The Principal– Ms. Poonam Kochitty, in her opening address, motivated the students to participate in this nationwide competition, highlighting both cash rewards and the chance to visit ISRO and the Satish Dhawan Space Centre. Ms. Sushma Raturi illuminated the Olympiad’s importance, stressing its role in nurturing student talent and fostering intellectual development.

The event peaked with an engaging quiz game orchestrated by Ms. Khushboo Pandey, where students eagerly participated, showcasing their knowledge and competitive spirit. The vibrant energy in the room mirrored the widespread excitement for NSO 2024. Furthermore, the digital inauguration of the Star Students Olympiad City Chapter represented a significant milestone, indicating the broadening of educational opportunities.

A spirited Q&A session provided students with a platform to explore NSO intricacies, with insightful answers to their queries. As the event concluded, it left a lasting impact on attendees, sparking anticipation and determination to excel in the upcoming Olympiad. With anticipation high and motivation soaring, students are primed to embark on a journey of academic triumph through the STTAR National Students Olympiad 2024.

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