Affiliation No: - 2132980 | Period: - 01-04-2023 to 31-03-2028 | School Code: - 71048 | Affiliated till Senior Secondary

Admission Open 2024-25
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Rules For Examination

  • The minimum required attendance of the students in the school is 80%.
  • The minimum aggregate score for a student to be promoted to the next higher class is 40.0 %. A student who has less than 40.0% in the aggregate will not be promoted even if he/she secures more than 40.0% in the Annual examination.
  • The students should also secure 40.0% in all the subjects:
    • Hindi
    • English
    • Maths
    • Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) (VI to X)
    • St. (History, Civics, Geography) (VI to X)
  • Promotion to class XII will require a clear 40.0% in all the five subjects along with an attendance of 80%.
  • If a student is absent for PO-1, Half Yearly, PO-2, or Annual examination, even on medical grounds, he or she will not be awarded a rank and no retest will be conducted. However, based on the marks obtained in the remaining papers he/she will be adjudged for promotion. Such a student will not qualify for scholarships and awards.
  • If a child is absent due to sickness, a sick-leave application must be submitted by the parent to the school for the date/dates of absence from school. This needs to be followed up with a medical certificate from a respectable and widely accepted medical practitioner of not less the M.D. level at the time of resuming school, whether during examinations or otherwise. The child will be marked “Absent” and the overall marks will be compiled without considering the papers in which he or she was absent. Depending on the intensity and frequency of occurrence of such incidents, the school reserves the right to take any other appropriate decision, on a case to case basis, including detention in the same class. The child will not be awarded any rank when he or she is absent even on medical grounds in PO 1, Half Yearly, PO 2 or Annual Examinations.
  • If a child is found to be using or suspected to be using unfair or foul means or “cheating” in any form whatsoever, he or she will not be awarded any mark in that paper. In all such cases, the child will not be awarded any rank. Repeated instances of using unfair means will result in expulsion from school.
  • In case a student misses a test/exam on medical ground, an application along with a medical certificate must be submitted within 2 days. In case of repetition of such incidents, the school reserves the right to take an appropriate decision regarding the student at the end of the session including detention in the same class.
  • During examinations, 10% marks will be deducted for late arrival from the marks secured in that paper. Late coming of not more than 10 min is allowed.
  • Absence from the Independence Day or Republic Day function will attract a penalty of 2% marks in aggregate of Half Yearly or Annual Examination.
  • The decision of the school shall be final and binding in all the matters related to examinations and promotions. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL A REQUEST FOR PROMOTION BE ENTERTAINED WHEN A STUDENT DOES NOT MEET THE ABOVE PROMOTION CRITERIA.


  • The curriculum at the Pre-Primary Level is planned in such a way that it gives adequate attention across all the four domains i.e, physical, cognitive, social & emotional. There are opportunities in the entire day where children can explore activities in a planned environment which also provides teachers with a chance to observe and reflect on the progress of each child. The classroom schedule enables individual attention through Circle Time where a lot of interaction with students is focused on a one to one basis. The curriculum is ‘Theme Based’ encouraging general awareness about festivals, seasons, transportation etc.
  • There is no formal Evaluation Procedure for the students of Pre-Primary Classes.
  • Formal and informal evaluation activities are linked to the curriculum and samples of students’ performances are collected repeatedly throughout the year to assess the child’s progress in learning and growth as key skills.
  • Eligibility for promotion to the next class is based on the overall performance and progress of the student.