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Jaipuria’s Got Talent 2024

Jaipuria’s Got Talent 2024

“If you’re young and talented, it’s like you have wings.”

To give wings to the young Jaipurians and to develop each student’s potential, Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow organised a Talent Hunt, ‘Jaipuria’s Got Talent’ on 13 th May 2024. This platform allows new students to represent their talent in any field. It helps students to unveil their abilities and motivates them to come up front and display their hidden potential. The school appreciates the talent of each child and helps in nurturing and strengthening it.

This year too Jaipuria’s Got Talent had a spectacular array of events like solo and group dances, poetry recitations, and monologues. Some displayed their skill with musical instruments while others impressed the audience with their fine skills in art and craft. Each contestant had two minutes to showcase his/her talent which they did with perfection. Through their truly creative and enchanting performances, the participants enthralled the audience. All the budding artists were very enthusiastic and energetic. They were appreciated by the school Principal Ms Poonam Kochitty and the Vice Principal Mr Pankaj Rathore. They both encouraged them to hone their skills as these are essential for the development of the overall personality of an individual. Every student who participated in the event was very talented and the audience was mesmerized by their performance. Their creative minds and innate caliber were at their best.

The Masters of the Ceremony delighted the audience with their charisma and energy. The event not only celebrated the achievements of the students but also inspired them to continue pursuing their passions and excel in their respective field

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